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The weed guard is meant to be placed in front of the rudder to deflect weeds, grass or fishing line etc. The small weed guard is for universal rudders, all other rudders (roughwater weedless, weedless and surf) use the large weedguards. The universal rudder will not work with a large weed guard!


Please see product information for more details regarding warranty and installation.


For all other rudder parts please contact us for ordering.

Weed guard (for composite skis)

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    • Weed guards are designed to deflect weeds away from the rudder.
    • Weed guards need to be epoxied onto the boat with a waterproof “marine” grade epoxy.
    • West Marine sells Starbrite Quick Set Epoxy Glue that will work perfectly. However, keep in mind that most hardware stores will sell a type of “marine” grade epoxy that will work.



    For a removable solution, tape the flanges down onto the hull using a layer of clear packaging tape. This typically holds for a short time.

    If you plan on using the weed guard all the time, we recommend that you take the time to epoxy it permanently following the steps below:


    • For a permanent solution, line up the weed guard and draw a light outline onto the ski. Use sand paper to lightly scuff this area to increase the surface area and provide texture for epoxy to bond to.
    • Do not sand though the epoxy/fibers. You can then scuff the mating surface lightly. Use epoxy to attach it to the ski.
  • If we do not have stock of a product, please contact us - we are happy to special order them in on request.


    Phone: 843 478 2256

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