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We know you’re eager to get your hands on your new purchase.  You may have hovered over the checkout buttom for a few seconds but you made the bold move and you placed the order.  

Here’s the shipping scoop:


For all surfskis or kayaks we do not ship these for a number of reasons.  They are very expensive to ship due to boxing and high shipping costs added to this they tend to get damaged and we would not enjoy getting a call to say your new ride is in pieces.  For these reasons its best to call us to talk about pick up or delivery options.  We attend a number of events and races throughout the east coast and we would be happy to try work something out to get you your purchase.


For all other items we will attempt to get them to you as quickly as possible and offer a number of options depending on the purchase.  When you select your item there will be a drop down box under shipping choose the correct description that matches your purchase.


Your choices are:

Single small item $9.50

Small items & clothing [rudders, foot pads, hats, leashes…] max 3 items​ $20

Paddles or boat socks [1-2] ​$30

Paddles [3-4] ​$45

Boat/Kayak Stands​ $50

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

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