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The Epic Mid Large Wing paddle is designed for short distance, flatwater racers who are looking for something slightly less aggressive than the Epic Large Wing. Best suited for strong sprint distance racers, the Mid Large Wing provides exceptional power in a more manageable package.


Available in our Full Carbon Stiff Shaft construction option, which is designed for maximum energy transfer.


Full Carbon construction - 27 oz (765 grams); comes standard with Epic’s Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology.

Use The Paddle Wizard to determine your optimum blade type and paddle length!

Epic Mid Large Wing

Please call to Pre-order this item as production times vary.
  • Blade Width: 6.5" (16.4 cm)
    Blade Length: 20.7" (52.8 cm)
    Surface Area: 127 in2 (820 cm2) 
    Weight: Full Carbon 27 oz (765 grams)

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